Introductions and Overviews of “How to Be a Self-Sufficient Badass” – Gotta Know What’s Going on and Why!!


Source: Introductions and Overviews – Gotta Know What’s Going on and Why!!


Introductions and Overviews – Gotta Know What’s Going on and Why!!

by Jude Duenweg

Hello, my Fellow Humans!

My name is Jude Duenweg. I live in the Quaint Little Town of Ronald, WA.  It’s quaint as hell: mine shafts all over the place, trees everywhere, all four seasons in their full glory, and it’s pretty much in the middle of nowhere – typical tourist trap, but for the active recreational enthusiast.

I work for a small local cable news station; editing videos, interviewing people, selling advertisement spots, etc. Keeps me busy, and out of trouble. My life in general consists of surviving on my own for the first time in my late 20’s, raising a Gremlin (okay, okay, my 12-year-old daughter – and I love her forever!) and dealing with the realities of budgeting time, money, and abilities.

Due to this recent change of events from the last 9-10 months with living on my own, I developed the curiosity of how much I can learn to do on my own without having to hire anyone to do it for me.  This has triggered the idea of starting this blog to educate others while I learn as well.  Hopefully, this should be a fun experience for all of us!

Kind of Pompous, I know…

However, I would like all the feedback necessary to add to this to help others.  Please email me at and share, or simply comment below on my future entries.

Speaking of which, comment below this entry and tell me a little about yourself and where you are in life, and what you really wish to learn about!  I have many contacts around my little town who know a lot about building, mechanics, gardening, etc.

Thank you for reading, and I’ll be looking forward to your feedback!

Jude Duenweg